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We strive to represent our clients effectively both in and out the courtroom. Know that when you hire us, you are hiring a firm that truly cares about you and will work hard to see that your rights are protected. We believe wholeheartedly in the Constitution and the protections it affords all citizens, especially those who have been charged with serious criminal offenses. We pride ourselves on aggressive legal advocacy and when we represent you in court, we show up to win.


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I can now move forward with my life.

I am very relieved this is over and Tanya was able to prove I did not have any involvement in this case. I can now move forward with my life. (Dekalb 2013) (Drug Trafficking/Manufacturing case dismissed)

I was more than delighted to have had the opportunity to have you represent me

I was more than delighted to have had the opportunity to have you represent me before the judge. I felt so comfortable entering the court with you. Not only did I feel comfortable, I felt like I had a friend. The effort you put towards my case was remarkable and you fought for my rights. You have opened my eyes to a better lifestyle. The system is no place that anyone should be caught up in. (Clayton 2013)

Very impressed by her professional demeanor

I was fortunate to serve as the foreperson on a jury for one of Ms. Miller's cases. Very impressed by her professional demeanor, she presented her case with both knowledge and conviction. Her experience and confidence commanded respect immediately. Ms. Miller always appeared thoroughly prepared, in control, and ready for whatever testimony from the opposition came her way. Ms. Miller is passionate about being an attorney and dedicates herself to successfully representing her clients to the fullest. (Jury Foreperson)

Extremely impressed with your overall professionalism

I was extremely impressed with your overall professionalism—organization and presentation of evidence, succinct questioning of witnesses, fairness, poise and compelling opening and closing arguments. You renewed my faith in "the system," and I was honored to serve the court and help carry out justice in this sad and senseless murder. Thank you for all that you do in service to our community. (Juror)

I appreciate Ms. Tanya for helping me, and being so helpful.

I would like to thank Ms. Tanya for handling my case at the last minute. Less than a week before my court date, I found out that I had to be in Atlanta on the 25th of April for court from a issue that happen 2 years prior. I thank god for my mother as well. A attorney my mother knew heard of my situation and referred me to Ms. Tanya. Instantly she was on top of it! On the day of my court date we met about 10 minutes before I had to actually enter into the courtroom. Ms. Tanya quickly asked me some questions about the case and the incident that occurred. Once she got all the information we went into the court room. No more than 5 minutes later after speaking with someone, Ms. Tanya pulled me to the hallway and informed me that my cause will be expunged! This situation could ruined my future and all the goals I want to achieve. I appreciate Ms. Tanya for helping me, and being so helpful. You were very patient and understanding. Truly a blessing, thank you so much!

There should be more lawyers like this!

The representation was great! From the beginning I was taken step by step of how the system works from both sides. Everything was explained to me in terms of charges and time I'm facing and everything worked out great. There should be more lawyers like this! (DeKalb 2014) (Client charged with Murder offered time served on Tampering with Evidence during trial. All murder related charges were dismissed.)

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