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Voluntary Manslaughter Penalties in Georgia

How is voluntary manslaughter different than involuntary manslaughter?

Manslaughter is charged in two different ways in the stage of Georgia: voluntary and involuntary. Voluntary manslaughter is intentional but it is not premeditated. This charge typically involves an individual acting out of extreme emotion, in the heat of the moment, and when extremely provoked.

The consequences of a voluntary manslaughter conviction are severe and may include:

  • Penalties for a manslaughter conviction could include between 1 and 20 years in state prison.
  • In addition to consequences from the state, there are numerous attendant penalties every felony conviction carries, including a damaged reputation.
  • You may be denied a license in Georgia, whether or not the license is related to your conviction.
  • Your criminal record will be visible to employers, landlords, and lenders, impacting your future opportunities in numerous ways.
  • You will be unable to own a firearm. It is, in fact, a felony charge for a convicted felon to own or carry a gun.
  • Under Georgia state law, you will be unable to vote until your sentence has been completed.

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