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Representing Victims of Police Brutality & Civil Rights Violations

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Although police officers carry some authority with regards to how they enforce the laws, they are certainly not 100% impervious to prosecution. Police officers may be violating fundamental civil rights laws at any point in time—the arrest, during an interrogation, and even during trial.

Section 1983 is a civil rights statute that protects individuals who have been arrested for lack of good cause. It also gives individuals the right to sue police officers for any violations of those rights.

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When Does a Police Officer Violate Civil Rights Laws?

The laws currently state that police officers are allowed to use force when making an arrest if the situation calls for it. Therefore, if the person who is being arrested acts in aggression, the police have the right to react forcefully. When the case is brought to court, it is up to the jury to decide whether or not the police officer acted rightfully during the arrest, and whether or not the actions warranted the officer's reaction.

Some examples of the types of civil rights violation claims that occur:

  • Making a false arrest
  • Using excessive force
  • Malicious prosecution, e.g., lack of probable cause
  • Failing to prevent or intervene unconstitutional acts

As an Atlanta civil rights lawyer, Tanya F. Miller is committed to helping those with viable claims of mistreatment and brutality at the hands of a police officer. The laws exist to help those whose constitutional rights have been violated. Our goal is to argue on your behalf that an officer acted unnecessarily and out of bounds in his or her treatment towards you.

Fighting to Protect Your Civil Rights

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