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Meet Attorney Miller

Former Prosecutor

Tanya Miller’s exceptional experience in the courtroom is only surpassed by her reputation among peers, judges, the legal community, and her clients as a tough but fair litigator. Ms. Miller began her thriving private practice after a long and successful run as a prosecutor in both state and federal courts. From serving as a respected federal prosecutor in the challenging Southern District of New York (New York City) to most recently serving as a lead and supervisory prosecutor in the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office (Atlanta), Ms. Miller has tackled numerous complex and challenging criminal cases, from capital murder to RICO cases.


  • Graduated from Case Western Reserve University, with honors and bachelor’s degrees in sociology and philosophy
  • Earned her law degree with honors from Case Western Reserve School of Law
  • Named the Owen L. Heggs Scholar
  • Recipient of International Academy of Trial Lawyers Award
  • Recipient of CALI Excellence for the Future Award
  • Recipient of the John Wagg Kellogg Prize
  • Appointed as a notes editor for the Case Western Reserve Law Review as a rare and major honor.
  • Selected from law students all across the country to serve as the executive director of the National Black Law Students Association
  • Elected by her peers to serve terms as its local chapter president and vice president

Work Experience

Immediately after graduating from law school, she was hired as an associate at the nationally prominent law firm Jones Day (Cleveland), where she practiced antitrust law (civil and criminal) and general litigation. While serving as an associate, she assisted in the preparation of scholarly articles published by the American Bar Association involving criminal antitrust practice.

Another notable honor for Ms. Miller was serving as a federal judicial law clerk to United States District Judge Solomon Oliver, Jr., in the Northern District of Ohio (Cleveland). There she handled over 130 cases for the court, advising Judge Oliver on legal and evidentiary issues, drafting orders on dispositive motions, assisting in federal jury trials, and supervising federal judicial externs. She earned exceptional praise from Judge Oliver and those involved with her work at the federal court. Her experience with the Case Western Law Review, combined with her esteemed federal clerkship, helped hone her skills as an accomplished legal writer and researcher.

When her two-year clerkship ended, Ms. Miller was appointed to serve as an Assistant United States Attorney in the Southern District of New York. Working side by side with federal agents from all major federal investigative agencies, she represented the United States in a variety of cases, ranging from:

  • Mail and wire fraud
  • Immigration offenses
  • Gun possession
  • Narcotics violations
  • Hobbs Act robbery
  • Murder cases

Ms. Miller tenaciously worked her cases from inception to disposition, leading complex grand jury investigations from their beginnings through the handling of post-conviction habeas proceedings and everything in between.

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While serving as a federal prosecutor, Ms. Miller was recruited by Baker & Hostetler, LLP, a large law firm in Cleveland, Ohio, to assist with the firm’s white-collar and corporate investigations practice. While at Baker, Ms. Miller took on the role of defense attorney, representing individuals and corporations facing investigation and prosecution by state and federal law enforcement agencies and regulatory bodies. Her wide-ranging experience as a litigator and federal prosecutor, combined with her strong communication and advocacy skills, helped clients avert many damaging legal entanglements.

Ms. Miller's prestigious appointment as chief senior district attorney for the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office in Atlanta resulted from her years of exceptional experience as a prosecutor and the legal skills she acquired from tackling complex criminal matters. Ms. Miller was initially hired to head up the District Attorney’s Office Mortgage Fraud Unit because Atlanta was, at one time, the city with the highest rate of mortgage fraud and related failures in the United States. Working with community groups and the mortgage industry, she aggressively led grand jury investigations and worked multiple complex cases under the Georgia Residential Mortgage Fraud Act. In this role, she also served as a coordinator between local, state, and federal law enforcement and other agencies, assisting in related prosecutions and investigations in the often complex trail of mortgage fraud.

As an Atlanta prosecutor, Ms. Miller was known for her aggressive courtroom style. Ms. Miller successfully prosecuted hundreds of cases, including fraud, identity theft, drug trafficking, armed robbery, aggravated assault, gun possession, rape, child molestation, cruelty to children, aggravated stalking, domestic violence, vehicular homicide, serious injury by vehicle, and murder.

While assigned to the Major Narcotics Unit, she served as lead prosecutor on nearly one hundred narcotics trafficking cases and aggressively prosecuted drug organizations and their kingpins. As a prosecutor assigned to the Crimes Against Women and Children Unit, Ms. Miller successfully prosecuted numerous individuals charged with rape, child molestation, cruelty to children, aggravated stalking, and domestic violence—handling every phase of the investigations, prosecutions, and trials.

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Most well known for her time as a prosecutor in the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office Homicide Unit, Ms. Miller successfully prosecuted high-profile capital, malice, and felony murder cases; homicide by vehicle cases; and other complex, noteworthy cases. As a homicide prosecutor, Ms. Miller remained undefeated at trial. Her exemplary track record was solidified by her reputation as a meticulous, passionate, and fair prosecutor in and out of the courtroom. Ms. Miller garnered well-deserved national attention as lead prosecutor, handling the Atlanta case of State v. Aimee Michael in which the defendant was convicted of causing an Easter Sunday crash that killed five people on Camp Creek Parkway in 2009.

Her reputation in the legal community makes her a sought-after media source and expert legal commentator, singled out for her articulate and fair opinions and analyses. Ms. Miller currently serves as a guest legal analyst for CNN and Headline News programs.

Tanya Miller currently represents a wide array of clients from her downtown Atlanta office, mere blocks from both state and federal courts, where she has successfully practiced virtually every phase of law.

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