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Sex Crimes Lawyer in Atlanta

Sex crimes include many different types of crimes, including crimes against a child and unlawful, nonconsensual sexual acts between adults. These crimes are particularly difficult to defend because of the sensitive nature of the allegations. It requires an experienced defense attorney who knows how to investigate the charges, review the statements of victims and witnesses, analyze the procedures employed by law enforcement personnel, and investigate the backgrounds of everyone involved. As a former sex crimes prosecutor, I can help you. If you are charged with a sex crime in Fulton, DeKalb, Clayton, Gwinnett, or Cobb County, or any other county in the Atlanta region in Georgia, contact me as soon as possible so that I can work with you to mount an appropriate defense to these charges.

Types of Sex Crimes in Georgia

There is a deep-routed taboo against sex crimes and it may be difficult to reach out for the help that you need, but these types of cases are complex and lengthy and you need the right attorney fighting for you as soon as possible. Sex crimes involving children are especially delicate and require careful management and strategy.

Some of the most commonly charged crimes include:

  • Prostitution, including solicitation and pimping;
  • Rape;
  • Child molestation, exploitation, or sexual abuse of a minor, including possessing, creating, distributing, or publishing child pornography;
  • Aggravated child molestation; and
  • Aggravated sodomy

Sex Crime Charges Involving Children

In Georgia, sex crimes involving children may include child molestation and aggravated child molestation. Child molestation involves an immoral or indecent act performed on a child, or within close proximity to a child, under the age of 16 years with the intent of satiating the desire of the offender or the victim. When this illicit act leads to physical harm to the child or involves sodomy in any manner, it becomes elevated to aggravate child molestation. It also is illegal in Georgia to exploit or entice a child under the age of 16 years. Exploitation is the act of enticing, persuading, coercing, or otherwise using a child to engage in sexual behavior in order to create a visual image of the child engaging in that behavior. The generation, possession, or distribution of these visual images is also illegal.

Sex Crime Charges with Adults in Atlanta

When the illegal conduct involves adults, there are a number of different factors. Nonconsensual contact between an offender and another person's sex organs or other intimate parts is considered sexual battery. A charge of aggravated sexual battery may result if a foreign object is used by the offender during the battery. A person may be charged with aggravated sodomy when there is sexual contact between one individual's sex organ and another's mouth or anus. Finally, the crime of rape occurs when there is nonconsensual penetration by the male sex organ of the female's sex organ.

The nature of the crime leads to many complicating factors. False accusations can and do occur. This means that all the facts have to be carefully scrutinized, including the credibility of the accuser and any witnesses, the reliability of the medical evidence, and the procedural integrity of the investigating officers.

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Conviction of a sexual offense has very serious legal and social consequences. Georgia has extremely harsh penalties for those convicted of a sexual crime, including the possibility of a life sentence. Those convicted of a sexual crime may have to register as a sexual offender. It is critical to retain a highly-skilled attorney, like the Law Office of Tanya F. Miller, LLC, in order to defend your rights and preserve your future.