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Charged With a Property Crime in Atlanta?

The grouping of offenses collectively known as property crimes cross several different criminal classifications. They can range from misdemeanors such as petty theft to serious felonies like robbery, extortion, and arson. An experienced Atlanta criminal defense attorney, like Tanya Miller, will be able to help you understand the nature of any charges that you may face, the possible solutions, and what type of defenses are available to you.

Types of Property Crimes in Georgia

Property crimes include taking possession of property with the intent to permanently deprive the rightful owner of possession or unlawfully causing damage to property belonging to another. The most common types of property crimes include the following:

  • Petty theft – nearly always charged as a misdemeanor, this offense involves actions such as "dine and dash," jumping a train turnstile, and stealing services like electricity or cable television;
  • Receipt of stolen property – taking possession of property belonging to another with the intent of preventing its owner from regaining possession;
  • Larceny – unlawful taking of personal property with the intent to deprive its owner of its use or possession thereafter;
  • Robbery – unlawful taking of the possessions of another through the use of threats or the brandishing of a weapon;
  • Extortion – unlawful taking of property through the use of threats of harm in the future;
  • Embezzlement – theft by one in a position of trust or a fiduciary relationship, also classified as a white collar crime; and
  • Arson – the deliberate and voluntary act of setting fire to another person's property. If a person is injured by the fire, it is considered aggravated arson. This also is classified as a violent crime under Georgia law.

Although many property crimes involve offenses that will result in probation, community service, or fines, jail time is possible for some misdemeanors and serious prison time may result from the more serious of the property crime categories. Property crimes continue to appear on your criminal record and may impact future employment and licensing decisions.

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Even if you are charged with a minor property crime, it is important to contact an experienced attorney immediately. The State of Georgia takes property crimes seriously. It assigns a prosecuting attorney at the outset of your case. The role of that attorney is not to help you or resolve a situation amicably. The reality is that prosecuting attorney wants to obtain a negotiated guilty plea or a guilty verdict and then move on to the next matter.

It is imperative that you get legal assistance as soon as possible in order to lead to the best possible outcome for you and not for the State of Georgia. In addition, you should consider any previous offenses. Do you have any other convictions that might make the Three Strike Rule a factor in your trial and sentencing? If the property crime with which you are charged occurred in Fulton, DeKalb, Clayton, Gwinnett, or Cobb County, or another county surrounding Atlanta, the Law Office of Tanya F. Miller, LLC can help minimize the legal risk for you.

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