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Drug Trafficking Charges

Seasoned Atlanta Drug Crimes Attorney

Put simply, drug trafficking involves the illegal cultivation, manufacture, distribution, and sale of any illicit substance. If you or a loved one is charged with trafficking any type of drug, you face a host of potential penalties if convicted. What you need is a tough Atlanta drug crime attorney who can contest your charges and work hard to protect your future from the consequences.

At the Law Office of Tanya F. Miller, LLC, Tanya Miller puts her former experience as a senior district attorney to use on behalf of her clients with each criminal case. She has a thorough understanding of Georgia criminal law and understands how prosecutors will try to obtain a conviction in your case which she can use to your advantage. Trust our firm to work for the best outcome possible at all times.

Know What You are Facing

Much more than simple possession of illegal substances, being convicted of drug trafficking can cost you in terms of jail time and fines. For this reason, you need to do all you can to retain the right attorney to uphold your rights.

Punishments depend on the substance and quantity you are accused of trafficking:

  • Cocaine: 10 years in prison for 28 to 200 grams; 15 years for 200 to 400 grams
  • Morphine/opium: 5 years in prison for 4 to 14 grams; 10 years for 14 to 18 grams
  • Marijuana: 5 years in prison for trafficking 10 to 2,000 pounds
  • Amphetamine: 10 years in prison for 28 to 200 grams; 15 years for 200 to 400 grams

You could also incur federal authorities in your case if you are accused of trafficking drugs across state lines. Federal trafficking charges carry even harsher penalties, so retain our Atlanta drug crime lawyer to advise you as soon as you can.

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Your first step after an arrest should be to reach out to an experienced Atlanta criminal defense attorney who can fight against your charges and avoid a conviction. Your future may be at stake, so speak with a firm who takes your future seriously.

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