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Drug Crime Lawyer in Atlanta, GA

The prosecution of drug offenses in Georgia is of the utmost importance to law enforcement agencies and considerable time and money go into pursuing convictions for those charged with drug crimes. It is important for you to contact an experienced drug crime attorney as soon as you are arrested, or as soon as you discover that you are being investigated if you obtain this knowledge in advance of an arrest.

Tanya Miller is an experienced defense attorney who spent many years as a prosecutor. Therefore, she has the skills to review your case and arrive at the optimal defense strategy. We encourage you to protect your rights by scheduling a case evaluation at your earliest convenience.

If you have been charged with a drug offense in the greater Atlanta area, the Law Office of Tanya F. Miller, LLC can help you.

Are You Under Investigation?

You may have found yourself caught up in a situation and arrested before you even knew about any criminal activity. Drug arrests tend to be extremely expansive, pulling in everybody who may have had any connection to the illegal substances. Investigating officers have a tendency to be over-enthusiastic in their pursuit of those they consider criminals, leading them to cut corners and violate your procedural rights. Often, evidence was obtained illegally and may be excluded or suppressed. A thorough review of your case may reveal other errors that can form a strong foundation for your defense.

Drug Crimes Penalties in Georgia

When the charges involve drug crimes, there are many different considerations. Most drug offenses in Georgia involve possession, intent to distribute, trafficking, and manufacture or growth of marijuana, crack cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, methamphetamines, and cocaine, although there are many other drugs that can lead you into the investigators crosshairs. Crimes involving prescription narcotics are being zealously pursued at this time. Although a strong defense can succeed, it is important to remember that no outcome is guaranteed and the severity of the charges can lead to jail time.

In Georgia, some basic considerations about charges and penalties include:

  • Possession – The possession of a very small amount of drugs can lead to serious consequences. Although the laws are changing, right now having just two ounces of marijuana can result in one year of jail time. Possession of drugs such and methamphetamines and heroin can result in a prison term of up to fifteen years.
  • Intent – Intent to distribute convictions involve mandatory sentences and the impositions of non-reducible penalties. This charge is treated almost as severely as one for trafficking under both state and federal law.
  • Trafficking – The amount of drugs required for a trafficking conviction varies depending in the illegal substance involved, but the amounts are relatively small and the sentences usually start at ten years.
  • Manufacturing – A conviction for the manufacturing of illegal substances may result in a prison sentence of twenty-five years, fines of up to $100,000, and seizure of assets and property.

Violation of a defendant's rights by the arresting officer is one of the most common reasons for suppression of evidence and dismissal of charges. However, an experienced defense attorney also will review who had actual possession of the drugs, whether that possession was actual or constructive, and whether there is evidence to rebut a presumption of possession. Constructive possession based on ownership of a vehicle or residence can be subject to reasonable doubt if there were others proven to have access to the space where the drugs were found.

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The most critical step in mounting an effective defense is to retain the services of the right attorney who understands the severity of the charges against you and knows how to develop the strategy that will reduce or eliminate penalties. Tanya Miller is a former state and federal narcotics prosecutor who will provide you with a vigorous defense.

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