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Police Brutality & Excessive Force Attorney in Atlanta

When Use of Force by Police Leads to Serious Injury or Death, We’re Here

America has a policing problem, and Atlanta is no exception. The use of excessive force has become almost routine for law enforcement officers who, acting on impulse, can seriously injure or even kill the citizens they are sworn to protect. Between August and October of 2019, two former Georgia police officers, one from Atlanta, were sentenced to prison time for violence against unarmed victims.

While we believe use of excessive force should be punished, prison sentences don’t do anything for the victims of police violence or their families. Attorney Tanya F. Miller is here to help you seek restitution if you’ve been abused by law enforcement and left with serious injuries. Likewise, if your loved one was killed in an altercation with the police, we are here to help you pursue justice with a wrongful death lawsuit.

No one is above the law, especially not the police. If you have an excessive force complaint, contact Attorney Miller online or call our office at (404) 720-8111.

Traffic Stops Shouldn’t End in Tragedy

The Fourth and Eighth Amendments to the Constitution protect Americans against the use of unreasonable or excessive violence during an arrest. Though police are allowed to use force, they must not use any more than necessary to perform law enforcement actions. Many do not follow this guideline.

According to data collected by the Washington Post, 709 people have been killed by police between Jan 1st and Oct 15th, 2019. A dataset collected by Vice suggests that roughly twice as many Americans will have survived police shootings in that time—putting the number of serious injuries inflicted around 1,400. Of course, police brutality doesn’t have to involve guns. In the Atlanta case mentioned above, the officer was charged with aggravated assault for kicking an unarmed teenager and choking him until he lost consciousness. Serious police-inflicted injuries include:

  • Broken bones
  • Head injury or traumatic brain injury
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Chemical burns
  • Internal damage
  • Non-fatal bullet wounds
  • Heart attacks

Police Brutality Can Have Lifelong Consequences

Unfortunately, many victims of police brutality do not have a quick recovery that allows them to return to their previous way of life. Many victims report developing PTSD after police violence. Then, of course, there’s physical recovery to worry about. Aside from astronomical medical costs, some injuries will never fully heal. Victims may develop:

  • Reduced brain function
  • Scarring (especially on the face—many officers will slam victims against walls or the ground)
  • Quadriplegia or paraplegia
  • Reduced use of limbs or digits
  • Reduced organ function
  • Arrhythmia or heart failure
  • Chronic pain

Not only do these injuries require heavy treatment and an involved rehabilitation process, they may also require the victim to change their job or quit working, give up hobbies, or suffer other lifestyle changes. A personal injury suit against your arresting officer (and other officers who failed to stop the abuse) can help you recover compensation for medical bills and other damages you suffer as a result of police violence.

Wrongful Death at the Hands of Police

When police brutality leads to the death of a civilian, family members can bring a wrongful death suit against the officer(s) liable. Though no human life has a price, suing for wrongful death can help a family recoup losses while serving as a punitive measure for at-fault officials. Even if they’re already facing jail time, you can bring a case in civil court to address the harm done to you and your family.

Though criminal cases require proof “beyond a reasonable doubt” to convict a defendant, civil cases only require the plaintiff to prove that their claims are more likely true than not. Therefore, even if a criminal jury neglects to convict a police officer for his conduct, you may win a civil court case.

We Help Clients Face Down Abusive Police Officers

Our team at the Law Office of Tanya F. Miller, LLC is dedicated to making Atlanta more just. Police conduct that results in serious injury or even death is often a violation of civil rights. Guilty or not, victims should not have to deal with the heavy emotional and monetary burdens of this kind of misconduct. We don’t want them to go it alone. If police used excessive force against you or someone you love, we may be able to help you get compensation in cases of serious injury and wrongful death.

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